Design and Production in a New Era: The Manufacturing Vision of Fuji Xerox

Multiple factors are currently effecting great changes on management in the manufacturing industry: labor shortages brought about by declining birthrates and aging populations, global environmental issues such as depleting energy sources, diversification of needs arising from globalizing markets, rising worker wages in developing countries leading to increased manufacturing costs—these factors and others are forcing all manufacturers, including Fuji Xerox, to respond and adapt to a shifting paradigm before them. Simultaneously, the industry enters an age in which 3D printing technology permits new possibilities in manufacturing, and the progression of the Internet of Things (IoT) means devices, objects, etc. of all shapes and sizes are connecting to the internet. Moreover, such connectedness allows data to be collected on an unprecedented scale (big data), and the development of technology to utilize this at manufacturing sites is gaining constant momentum. For much of its history, Fuji Xerox has promoted an approach to manufacturing innovation originally based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). Now, as we move forward into a new age being hailed as Industry 4.0, Fuji Xerox is also pushing forward to develop new technology and work-processes that respond to this shifting landscape. This paper introduces Fuji Xerox's "IoT Vision" as a manufacturer in these changing times of 3D and IoT and gives a brief outline of each of the Featured Topic papers in this technical report.


  • Ryoichi Tsuruoka
    Production Technology Group
  • Shinichi Hirose
    Production Technology Group