Establishment and Practice of Mechanism Based Technology Development

In an aim to improve the efficiency of our development and to establish a corporate climate that encourages technological innovation, Fuji Xerox has revolutionized the technology development process by establishing and putting into practice Technology Data and Delivery Management (TD2M), a framework for mechanism-based development. TD2M consists of two major concepts. The first is FX-QFD, Fuji Xerox's unique style of quality function deployment (QFD) which utilizes a four-axis QFD chart and a mechanism deployment logic tree to provide a common language for communication regarding mechanisms. The second is the Technology Document Archiving System, a management system for documents containing information on mechanisms that assigns attribute tags to individual documents as metadata, allowing for a fully flat document management structure that eliminates the hierarchical tree structure. With this document management system, it is possible to share and utilize indefinite technological information while maintaining security. This paper describes the framework of TD2M as well as the tools, systems, and operations comprising it, introducing case examples of how they have been used in practice in the development process.


  • Tomoyuki Ito
    Key Technology Laboratory, Research & Technology Group
  • Takeshi Yoshioka
    Development Productivity Improvement Promotion Group