Supply Chain Quality Management: A System for Visualization and Traceability of Data on Manufacturing Quality

In 2002, Fuji Xerox experienced a recall of approximately 200,000 devices due to a defective part. In our efforts to continually provide our customers with high-quality products at a reasonable price, we had failed to notice changes in the "4 M's and 2 S's" of manufacturing ("Man" = people, "Machine" = manufacturing equipment, "Material" = parts or raw materials, "Method" = manufacturing methods or processes, "Space" = manufacturing environment, and "System" = systems or structures supporting manufacturing) and prevent this defect from occurring. Since then, we continued to consider methods of improving the ways in which we obtain, organize, and utilize the vast amounts of big data generated during manufacturing. As a result, we created SCQM (Supply Chain Quality Management), a system that collects data on the 4 M's and 2 S's which is generated during manufacturing and links it with time. This data, obtained via sensors, touch panels, and other real-time devices that make up the IoT (Internet of Things), is being utilized daily to improve productivity, optimize resources, etc.
This paper explains the aim of our improvement efforts using SCQM and introduces examples of how SCQM has been deployed and utilized.


  • Masahiro Sato
    Professional Adviser, Manufacturing Group
  • Takashi Inoue
    Professional Adviser, Manufacturing Group