Operational Data Mining Technology Bringing Added Value to IoT

From before the turn of the millennium, Fuji Xerox has worked to improve the efficiency of its remote product maintenance services. This history is closely tied in with the unique business model it uses with its multifunction devices (MFDs). Under this model, maintenance fees for rental MFDs are determined solely by the number of pages printed by customers, and are thus unaffected by the nature of actual device repairs. Originally, data indicating print volume was transmitted from devices via analog telephone lines. Once received, this data would then be used to calculate device maintenance fees. The turn of the century, however, would see the growth of broadband into a central part of communication infrastructure, making it possible to transmit a wider range of data used in device maintenance. This background in IoT (Internet of Things) has seen Fuji Xerox pioneer the development of multiple data mining technologies used to provide useful information to its customers, in particular those technologies concerning operational data of MFDs gathered via the internet. This paper introduces Fuji Xerox's operational data mining technology and also presents several case stories outside of the MFD field in which Fuji Xerox has been able to collaborate with customers to provide solutions to their issues.


  • Masayasu Takano
    Marking Technology Laboratory, Research & Technology Group