Anyone can easily make beautiful full color copies fast!

In addition to basic functions and convenient functions, such as 2-side copying and license/business card copying, the output speed of color copies is the same as that for black & white (B&W) copies, realizing 45 pages per minute (ppm).


Type Price (including tax)
B&W B5/A4/B4/A3 sizes: 10 yen per sheet, Standard postcard/Supplied postcard: 20 yen per sheet
Color B5/A4/B4 sizes: 50 yen per sheet, A3 size: 80 yen per sheet, Standard postcard/Supplied postcard: 60 yen per sheet

*For 2-side copies, you will be charged separately for the front and back sides.

2-side copies can be easily made with the "2 Sided" function.

  • 2-side copies can be made through easy operations.
  • Vertical bind or horizontal bind can be applied to portrait and horizontal original documents.
  • The placement of original documents can be checked through on-screen animation.

*For 2-side copies, the front and back sides will be separately charged.

ID/Name Card copies

Licenses, business cards, ID cards, etc., can be continuously read into the machine and neatly arranged and copied all onto a single A4 sheet using Automatic Layout. Since the fee is only for a single copy, it is a bargain.

Previewing Copies

Before starting copies, you can conveniently check the image of the copies to be printed on the screen.

Press the "Preview" button on the Start screen.
Check the image of the copy to be printed.

Many Convenient Functions

  • 2 Pages per Side function
    2 pages of the original document can be combined and printed onto a single sheet.
  • Enlarge/Reduce
    "Zoom" allows to change the size to be printed, from 25% (area ratio of 1/16) to 400% (area ratio of 16x), while "Slight Reduction" allows the original document to be fully printed without any omissions (approx. 97%).
  • Poster function
    Large posters with a maximum size of 1158 x 1651 mm (A3 x 16 sheets) can be created.
  • Copy Photo function
    Photographs can be printed on plain copy paper or postcards by placing the original photograph on the glass platen of the multi-copier.
    Also, "Repeat Photo" enables 4 L-size photos to be copied onto a single B4-size sheet.
  • Single Color
    Documents can be copied with one of six single colors of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow.
  • High-speed Copying
    Both B&W and color copies are output at a speed of 45 pages per minute (when making A4 paper size prints using the same original). You no longer need to wait when copying large volumes.
  • In addition...
    Other convenient functions, such as "Center Erase" (erases the shadow in the center of a book) and "Image in Centre" (relocates images onto the center of the sheet), are available.

Detailed Specifications for Copying


Item Detail
Maximum size of original A3
Copy paper sizes B5、A4、B4、A3
Postcards that can be used Supplied unofficial postcards, standard postcards (100 x 148 mm)
Copying speed of first sheet (A4) Black: 6.9 seconds, Color: 8.0 seconds
Continuous copying speed (A4) Black: 45 ppm, Color: 45 ppm
Specifying number of sets 1 to 125 sets (differs for 2-sided copies)
Specifying reduction/enlargement ratio 25 to 400%


  • Copying currency, valuable securities, etc. is forbidden by law.
  • Gold, silver, fluorescence, etc. cannot be reproduced.
  • Printing is not possible on a margin of a few mm on the edges of copy paper and postcards.
  • Postcards for inkjet printers and photo postcards cannot be used, as they cause malfunctions.
  • Postcards that are of a size other than standard postcards (100 x 148 mm) cannot be used, as they cause malfunctions.