Postcard Printing

Print data from a smartphone or USB memory stick onto a postcard

Photos taken during your trip could be printed into postcards to send from where you are staying, and your favorite photos or data created on your computer could be created into original postcards. In addition to printing photos in USB memory sticks and CD/DVDs on the spot, photos in your smartphone can even be printed by using the Wi-Fi communication function with a smartphone app. The multi-copier comes with a supply of dedicated unofficial postcards. You can also use your own postcards.

Printing Fees

Type Price (including tax)
Black 20 yen per sheet
Color 60 yen per sheet

Free Layout of Photo Images (Arrange and Print)

Use the Edit function on the multi-copier (shrink/rotate/move) to freely arrange photo images on the screen and print.

Usage Examples

Detailed Specifications for Postcard Print


Item Detail
Postcards that can be used: Supplied unofficial postcards, standard postcards (100 x 148 mm)
Usable media
Supported file formats Document files: PDF (Ver.1.3 to 1.7), XPS (Ver.1.0), DocuWorks (Ver.3 to 7)
Image files: JPEG, TIFF (single page), BMP
Page specification For document files with multiple pages (PDF, XPS, DocuWorks), specify a single page that you want to print
Multiple sets 1 to 99 sets
Image editing Enlarge, reduce, move, rotate
Supported sizes for image files Minimum: 54 x 54 pixels
Maximum: 7 million pixels (vertical pixels x horizontal pixels)


  • There are some file formats that are not supported.
  • JPEG 2000 is not supported. (The same applies to cases where JPEG 2000 is included in a PDF file, etc.)
  • Printing is not possible on a margin of a few mm on the edges of postcards.
  • If a font not supported by the multi-copier is used, you may not be able to change the layout or print the image.
  • Postcards for inkjet printers and photo postcards cannot be used, as they cause malfunctions.
  • Postcards of a size other than standard postcards (100 x 148 mm) cannot be used, as they cause malfunctions.
  • Make sure to back up the data on storage media beforehand.
  • After inserting your storage media, do not remove it until instructions are given.
  • If printing a file from a smartphone, the free, dedicated application (Seven-Eleven Multicopy) is required.