Photo Printing

Photo prints with even higher image quality

The multi-copier is equipped with Fujifilm's high-image-quality printer which offers more natural color and color shades. Use the Wi-Fi communication function with the smartphone app to print photos on a USB memory stick, CD/DVD or even your smartphone on the spot.

Fees and Types of Photo Printing

Type Price (including tax)
Normal Photo Print/Square Print 40 yen/sheet
ID Photo Print 250 yen/sheet
Split Print/Index Print 40 yen/sheet

Print photos in your smartphone

Use the Wi-Fi communication function with your smartphone to print your favorite photos stored in your smartphone on the spot! (iPhone/Android)

Convenient in These Situations!

Beautiful Skin Correction Feature

With Fujifilm's "Image Intelligence TM", an image processing technology, a person's skin texture is automatically adjusted, and printed with skin looking smooth and beautiful, while keeping a natural look.
*"Image Intelligence TM" is a trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.

Details Other than Normal Photo Printing

With margin (No image loss)

The entire image can be printed by size reduction using the image editing function, preventing image loss.

Detailed Specifications for Photo Printing


Item Detail
Photo paper size L size (89 x 127 mm)
Usable media
Supported file formats JPEG, TIFF, BMP
Multiple sets 1 to 99 sets (for ID Photo Print, 1 to 50 sets)
Image editing Reduce, Enlarge, Move, Rotate, Beautiful Skin Correction, Date Printing
Supported sizes for image files Minimum: 54 x 54 pixels, Maximum: 4 million pixels (vertical pixels x horizontal pixels)
Aspect ratio: Long edge/Short edge is 11 or less
Maximum number of importable images 6,660 images
Photo Print
Square Print
Approx. 11.1 seconds/sheet (approx. 5.4 ppm) *First sheet is approx. 20 seconds/sheet
ID Photo Print
Approx. 22.0 seconds/sheet (approx. 2.7 ppm) *First sheet is approx. 30 seconds/sheet
Split Print Approx. 11.3 seconds/sheet (approx. 5.3 ppm) *First sheet is approx. 30 seconds/sheet
Index Print Approx. 15.0 seconds/sheet (approx. 4.0 ppm) *First sheet is approx. 40 seconds/sheet


  • There are some file formats that are not supported.
  • JPEG 2000 is not supported.
  • Print image quality depends on the camera's settings and conditions.
  • Rather than the image, the circumference is trimmed and printed.
  • When the image is made smaller using image editing, prints may be made with a margin.
  • If the print surface is in contact with soft PVC material (soft cases, desk mats, etc.) for the long period of time, the photo may stick onto such material.
  • ID Photo Print is not suitable for passport applications.
  • The sizes of ID photos are subject to change. For the latest information, check with the respective application submission destination.
  • Make sure to back up your data on storage media beforehand.
  • After inserting your storage media, do not remove it until instructions are given.
  • If printing a file from a smartphone, the free, exclusive application ( Seven-Eleven Multicopy) is required.