So easy! Useful scanning. Offers sizes of up to A3!

With the scan function of the new multi-copier, in addition to USB memory sticks, images and documents scanned into multi-copiers can easily be uploaded on the spot into smartphones or tablets by using smartphone apps and Wi-Fi connections. It is useful when organizing old paper-printed photos or uploading handwritten illustrations onto a blog. Since sizes of up to A3 can be scanned, large documents that could not be scanned with household scanners can be accomplished at Seven-Eleven.

Usage fees (including tax)

30 yen per sheet

Scanned documents can be sent by e-mail on the spot!

Have you ever been in a hurry to send a document by e-mail during your business trip destination or outside the office? In response, documents scanned with multi-copiers can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet and e-mailed right away on the spot with smartphone apps and Wi-Fi communication. As time and efforts in starting up a computer to e-mail is no longer necessary, it is indeed a business-person friendly function.

Detailed Specifications for Scanning


Item Detail
Maximum size of original A3
Image quality selection 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi (black only)
Density adjustment 7 levels
File saving formats Document files: PDF, XPS, DocuWorks, Image files: JPEG (for color), TIFF (for black)
Storage destination USB memory stick, smartphones


  • Make sure to back-up the data on your USB memory stick beforehand.
  • After inserting your USB memory stick, do not remove the USB memory stick until instructions are given.
  • USB memory sticks with passwords and those that cannot be overwritten cannot be used.
  • Please use USB memory sticks with enough space.
  • If saving on a smartphone, the free, exclusive application (Seven-Eleven Multicopy) is required.