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Right here in Australia, Fuji Xerox helps a top tier insurance company process over 3.3 million CTP and Workers Compensation claims annually.

We do this with a customised claims processing service.
This service takes an incoming flood of over 9 million pages a year and converts it into digital information. This information helps our client to cut claim processing costs reduce claims leakage, or the over payment of claims and improve the claims ratio, or claims payable as a percentage of premium income.

Here’s how it works.
All faxes, email, and physical mail from an insurer’s customers are channeled through a Fuji Xerox Australia Processing Centre.

In the receipt and sorting area, mailbags are opened and their contents sorted by branch. Next, the envelopes are sliced open, and the contents are “split” — or prepared for scanning in batches.

These physical documents are then digitised on scanners that can process 600 images per minute. The scanned information is then fed through a highly intelligent system that automatically recognises and classifies the kind of document it’s dealing with.

Incoming faxes and emails go through the same system.
The system then applies pre-determined business rules to extract key data needed to process claims. Documents that can’t be classified automatically are classified manually, by staff members who are fully trained in the insurer' business rules.

Once all the relevant data has been extracted, it’s automatically exported into the insurance company’s workflows. The right information delivered to the right person at the right time, helps the insurer make better business decisions.

Using their previous system, it used to take the Insurer two days to get a claim into their internal systems, let alone process it. With Fuji Xerox Claims Processing Services, claims can be in the Insurer’s workflow, ready to process the same day they are received.

“By the very nature of their business, our insurance clients have very document-intensive processes. By automating those processes, they reduce their processing costs and their claims leakage. And because they’re responding to claims faster, their customers are happier. The insurer’s costs come down while their customer satisfaction goes up.”

With business rules tailored to meet the particular needs of your organisation, Fuji Xerox Claims Processing Services can be customised for claims of all types, including CTP, Workers’ Comp, Life, Public Liability, Professional Liability, Medical, Travel and many others.

In fact around the world, we help to process over 900 million insurance claims a year.

Fuji Xerox Claims Processing Services are hosted in locked down environments in Sydney and Melbourne, which provide fail-safe back up for each other.

Fuji Xerox is ISO 9001 certified and maintains rigorous procedures to make sure that our clients are happy with the quality of service we provide. To help ensure the continuous excellence of that service, we employ a rigorous Quality Management Framework. On top of this, our iQuality program targets continuous improvement through periodic Quality Circle reviews with our clients.

“We design the process based on your business needs, then we work with you to continually refine and improve it. We’re continually seeking ways to optimise the process and deliver the maximum value for your business.”

At Fuji Xerox Claims Processing Services, we provide you with a single point of contact, who works closely with you to insure optimum service delivery and continuous improvement.

“Our clients are experts in insurance, not document handling, and that’s why they come to us. By outsourcing claims processing with us, they not only save money, but also gain time to concentrate on their core business.”

Discover how we can help you reduce costs and claims leakage while keeping your customers happy, with outsourced Claims Processing service that’s completely secure and quality assured.

Speak to your Fuji Xerox representative today about Claims Processing Services.

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