Communication & Business Process Outsourcing

Various types of documents are used in day to day business activities, from sales and marketing collateral, proposal, product documentation and manual, transactional documents. Those documents consist valuable information essential to the business and have direct impacts to the business, such as improving sales and customer satisfaction.

Fuji Xerox Communication and Business Process Outsourcing provides various solution such as digitization, indexing, storage and analysis to reduce processing time and shorten time to the market and decision making. We also provide end to end document processes enabling effective customer communication, from design, editing, print and distribution.

Various Types of Communication with Documents

Product Lifecycle Content Services

Targeted mainly for manufacturing industries to improves client's product documentation processes and cost effectiveness.

Communication & Marketing Services

A holistic managed services from document concept, production to delivery across a full range of marketing activities.

Cross Media Communication Services

Enabling effective customer communication through optimal combination of printed and digital media.

Finance and Administration Services

Optimizing account payable / receivable process from document capture to

Imaging and Document Management Services

Capturing information digitally and integrating with the client's business processes.

Client Account Lifecycle Services

Improving account creation processes and delivery time to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

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