Next Generation MPS Video (HTML version)

Masashi Sakamoto, President &CEO of Asia Pacific Operations introduces Next Generation Managed Print Services.

Hello, I'm Masashi Sakamoto.

Fuji Xerox has once again maintained our market leader position, holding the largest market share in both Managed Print and Content Services.

The world is changing dramatically with the evolution of information technology including mobile and cloud computing. Through this fascinating evolution, flexibility and agility are enabled,

We are determined to help our customers confront the new challenges due to the changes in their work style – such as corporate governance, security enhancement and business process optimization.

With the advent of new technological challenges, we think that work style innovation is imperative for all customers to adopt.

The definition of work style innovation has also evolved greatly as customers demand innovations and transformation for more efficient, more secure and lower cost business processes – which we see great opportunities in this area.

With Fuji Xerox’s Next Generation Managed Print Services, we will support customers' work-style innovation and help them with their transformation by moving beyond print services.
Fuji Xerox is initiating a completely new approach which is built on three stages.

The first stage is "Assess and Optimize."
With "Assess and Optimize", we will assess the total cost related to print usage, power consumption, and CO2 emission. Then, we will analyze the variations in cost, print usage and waste between departments and functions through a detailed assessment of the output environment.
These findings will help to identify the areas for improvement and a proposal to optimize the current output environment will be provided based on the findings.

The second stage is "Secure and Integrate."
After optimizing your current office environment, we will provide a "Secure and Integrate" of your current IT infrastructure to the new system and help customers to minimize security risk, protect intellectual properties and adhere to corporate governance in more flexible and agile way. Through this second stage, we will also enable centralized and mobile printing for customers' flexible work style.

The third stage which is "Automate and Simplify", helps to improve work productivity through automation of paper-based processes.

With "Automate and Simplify", time and cost related to current complicated business processes are greatly reduced. We provide content management and digitization of paper documents, thus enabling workflow automation in our customer’s office environment.
With the 3 stages, we help customers improve productivity through work style innovation by streamlining their business processes.

Fuji Xerox is the trusted partner for your enterprise workflow optimization needs. We have received international acclaim from our customers for our Managed Print Services. We invite you to step into the digital future with us though our Next Generation MPS.

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