Smart Work Innovation

Liberate from Restraints

  • Release from repetitive tasks
  • Free from flood of information

Open Professional Expertise

  • Have all workers utilize professional knowledge and know-how
  • Enable expertise to be linked with one another

Transform to Creative Workstyle

  • Improve decision-making process by providing necessary information depending on the situation
  • Expand performance leveraging personality and creativity


About Smart Work Innovation

In this global age with overflowing information of various forms,
what do we need to leverage only the necessary information?

Better Communication

Only Fuji Xerox can realize better communications
because of our deep analysis on behaviors and challenges of working people.



Smart Work Innovation Overview

Systemize and Utilize Information.Document AI service:Systemize and Utilize Information,Next gen. security service:Protect Information.IoH/Intelligent Portal:Collect and Utilize Information

Document AI Systemize and Utilize Information

Document AI.Systemize and Utilize Information.Fuji Xerox helps workers demonstrate their creativity by converting distributed, hard-to-use information to valuable one.
Document AI.Data Entry:Deep learning using human eyesight provides a firm confidence of what can be read and automatically selects suitable digital data.Ontology:Linkage of words by unique AI, natural language processing, semantic analysis leads to ontology established.RPA (Automation of post-processing)By adding a firm confidence to OCR recognition result, realize high-precision by cooperation between automatic mechanism and human judgement.Linkage of words and concepts, identify areas that will be effected due to change

Next gen. security service Protect Information

Next gen. security service.Protect Information.Fuji Xerox provides cloud-based security infrastructure covering office equipment, mobile and IoT devices.
Next gen. security service.Covers security of IoT device connectivity. Can avoid threats that are hard to predict.Based on accumulated office security management knowledge, provide state of the art closed network for high speed and stable information exchange.

IoH・Intelligent Portal Collect and Utilize Information

IoH・Intelligent Portal.Collect and Utilize Information.As an evolved multifunction printer and various other forms, Intelligent Portal—which collects various data in offices and extracts valuable knowledge that was embedded in documents, people and other things—provides values to office work as a portal to leverage information from various sources.
IoH/Intelligent Portal.Expansion of value.Resolve management issues by extracting buried knowledge.Resolve business Issues.Innovate work style.Streamline workflow.Improve productivity Reduce TCO.Support paper-based communication

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