The Service that Effectively Supports Business Communications

SkyDesk is a one-stop public cloud service. In addition to its business enhancement support functions that are centered on CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SkyDesk combines diverse business applications. SkyDesk supports both external and internal business communications, and provides an environment that is safe and reliable through data sharing range settings. SkyDesk also supports the digitization and sharing of analog information.

Business Collaboration Service SkyDesk


Application service that effectively supports business communications starting with sales support.

Cross Media Service SkyDesk Media Switch

[Media Switch] Cross Media Service SkyDesk

Links paper documents to digital data and enhances expressive capabilities of paper

  • Note 1 App is named SkyDesk Media Switch in the Asia Pacific, while same app is named Sorata Media Switch in Europe and America.

Cloud-based HR development support service

[SkyDesk Mixed Learning] Cloud-based Human resorses development support service



SDML is a human resource development support service based on Fuji Xerox's knowhow of human resources development.

Audio Guide Service SkyDesk Media Trek


A service provides GPS-trigged audio guide to smartphone users.

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