Business Collaboration Service SkyDesk

SkyDesk is a public cloud service that provides diverse business applications centered on business activity support. It comes equipped with applications necessary for business use, providing external and internal data sharing on top of business card management and customer information management. One-stop and equipped with diverse functions, SkyDesk provides peace of mind in data sharing with its clear sharing scope. SkyDesk provides a reliable environment for your business purposes.

Benefits of Using SkyDesk

Convert card data into CRM customer info

You can import business cards as data via OCR and manage using Cards (business cards management), and even link data with CRM (customer management) and exchange data that leads the way to potential customers. Business card data is shared among your organization, and it is also possible to add memos or attachments.

Flexible groups/organizations management

SkyDesk manages user grouping in Organization or Group (Organization Group and Personal Group) units. You can create Groups according to your requirements, and choose to share documents or schedule only to your specified users.
You can integrate business activities to SkyDesk across departments and share by group the status and contacts of members, shared document lists, task management, links or memos.

Accessible from anywhere

SkyDesk is a Cloud Service that allows you to perform all of your operations through Web browser. All data is stored on SkyDesk allowing you to access the data from outside the office and on mobile devices, as if you are in the office. The E-mail history dataNote1 as well as documents you access will not be saved on the mobile device, minimizing the leakage risk in case you lose it.

  • Note1 If you use a POP/IMAP service and view E-mails on SkyDesk with your mobile device, the E-mail data will be saved on it.

Sharing and communication with wide variety of applications

E-mails to Mailer, schedule data to Calendar, and notes to Notes - you can centrally manage all data online, including documents, spreadsheets or presentations, with no limitation on data format.
Data is automatically shared with your team by creating a shared workspace and storing data there.
Adjusting of schedules is easy with the function to share calendars. You can also check member online/offline statuses, chat, tweet, and use other such communication functions.

Rigid Security

In business situations, there is a need to limit unnecessary access despite the need for mobile access. SkyDesk has an ability to restrict IP addresses that have access to SkyDesk by user profileNote2. In addition, the data center that provides the SkyDesk service is operated under physical security (such as 24 hours x 365 days monitoring and biometric authentication) and network security (such as encryption and access control).

  • Note2 IP Filtering may hinder access to SkyDesk from mobile devices.

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