SkyDesk Mixed Learning

[SkyDesk Mixed Learning] The culmination of Fuji Xerox's time-tested knowhow.SkyDesk Mixed Learning includes the functions necessary for human resources development.It can expand the possibilities of human resources development of your company.

SkyDesk Mixed Learning is a cloud-based service supporting human resources development which is critical factor for companies to survive and grow further.
A portal site, Easy Authoring Tool, Learning Management System(LMS) - such functions together enable you to realize wide range of "knowledge sharing" such as technical knowledge communication, sharing information throughout the company.

The e-learning knowhow that has long been developed at Fuji Xerox, together with a variety of technology, bore fruit as learning support system platform, SkyDesk Learning.

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Manager registration・Course/learner registration・Content creation・Content registration・Questionnaire creation・Questionnaire analysis check・Test creation・Test analysis check・Document registration・Learning history check・Content viewing rate・Course setting・Course learning・Contents search・Answering web questionnaire・Answering test・Report registration・Printing answer sheets・Learning history check

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