Companies can:

  • Design/create contents that can improve problem-solving skills
  • Facilitate knowledge/technical communication
  • Create appealing/effective/efficient courses in house
  • Increase the organization's strength by thoroughly communicating management principles/business policy
  • Expect governance enhancement by providing thoroughgoing compliance education

Employees can:

  • Find best-fit program for efficient e-learning
  • Easily learn the information you want/you need to know
  • Extend your learning environment - applicable for various devices
  • Create learning plan for carrier formation/self-realization
  • Develop your own learning plan for carrier advancement
  • Increase motivation by achieving self-realization

[Obstacle to human resources development]Provider (Company)・Cannot design/setup courses in house・Cannot create appealing/easy-to-understand contents・Cannot get the training across the company User (Employee)・Cannot easily find the favorable course・Limited learning environment - e.g. applicable only for PC・No learning plan - cannot manage his/her career planning

SkyDesk Mixed Learning helps you overcome the obstacles to human resources development.
You can expect such effects as enhancing the employees' skills, knowledge/technical communication, governance enhancement, self-realization of the employees.
For human resources development, it is crucial to have a smooth PDCA cycle (Plan "a human resources strategy", implement "education", carrying out "tasks", and regularly "assess outcomes").
SkyDesk Mixed Learning provide you with this function.

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