XEROX Authentication Label: How to Identify Genuine Xerox / Fuji Xerox Supplies

XEROX Authentication Label

  • Xerox and Fuji Xerox use an “authentication label” on supplies packaging (such as toner cartridges).
  • The authentication label is a small, Xerox-branded holographic label used to verify the authenticity of an item as “Genuine Xerox”, and commonly applied for both Xerox and Fuji Xerox supplies.
  • There are several generations of labels in circulation. The most recent is shown below.

How to Identify Genuine Xerox / Fuji Xerox Supplies

When you find the authentication label on Xerox / Fuji Xerox supplies packaging, please check the following features of the label:

  1. Serial number on top of label
  2. Micro numbering above logo
  3. Presence of QR barcode
  4. Barcode at bottom of label
  5. Kinetic lens effect

Products with the Label

  • For Fuji Xerox brand products, toner cartridges for printers are with the authentication label.
  • For Xerox brand products, the majority of toner and ink cartridges for Production and Office products carry the authentication label.

Previous Authentication Label

  • Unique 12 digit serial-number and barcode code printed every label with "Connector" graphics behind the logo.
  • Background changes to read: "ORIGINAL", "AUTÊNTICO", "GENUINE" or "VÉRITABLE" depending on viewing angle.

Suspicious Label Characteristics

Counterfeit or tampered supply items may look authentic but the flaws will be noticeable if you look for them. Below are some common characteristics.

Label cut out of carton
Label torn off carton
Serial number removed from label